Our history

The history of Café Yasín Orgánico dates back to 2006 in the State of Oaxaca, the year in which a social political conflict broke out that significantly affected the entire population, especially the indigenous communities whose economies depended on the sale of artisanal products. made in their communities.

In this context, our founder, LDI Nelly Fuentes, originally from Nuevo León, saw with great concern the distressing situation experienced by many indigenous women, mothers, who struggled every day to raise their families and decided to take a stand by creating an enterprise that will help them survive and create a sustainable economy: the company YASÍN ORGÁNICO was born in May 2007 in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez.


WE ADVISE, We locate communities that produce or have the capacity to generate organic products in a sustainable way, but that lack the resources and knowledge to achieve it. This is where we provide advice to analyze the environment and find opportunities.
WE DEVELOP , Using our own knowledge and external consultants, we seek to develop the optimal product that each indigenous community can produce sustainably, providing added value that facilitates its commercialization.
WE LINK , Something important to help all these communities is to be able to link them with suitable entities and markets that help make their development and progress a reality in a sustainable way over time.